Informed Rental Decisions


Apartment Stop started in 1984 as a personal locating company, using a rolodex to help our clients make informed decisions about apartment communities.


Today the company is owned by Tirey Counts, the son of the original owner, and under his umbrella of Monarch Real Estate Group. Apartment Stop has been helping renters for more than 30 years, and we still offer the same personal locating service.

Finding An Apartment In Houston


The Houston metro area has over 2,700 apartments to choose from, more than any other city in the country.  There are numerous websites to research apartments on your own, but the information varies drastically and on average only 25% of the apartments are listed. Most online search tools have migrated to displaying rent in a range format ($1,200 - $1,400) due to the use of dynamic rent pricing models. This will require you to call every apartment in advance to determine price and availability.


The City of Houston does not have zoning laws so commercial, residential and apartment communities often run together. Using an online search tool to map potential properties is usually pointless if you don't know the area.


The apartments in Houston are currently experiencing very high occupancy rates, so 80% of the properties do not have an opening for your move in date. The best time to begin your search is 8 to 10 weeks in advance; starting your search early is critical.

What Does An Apartment Locator Do?


Our team can assist as little or as much as you need.


  • Give our office a call at your convenience to start a new search or ask questions about a current search: (281) 890-3888
  • Send us an email with your contact information and move date and one of our agents will get in touch with you immediately.
  • Go to the request form and answer some basic questions about your apartment search, and one of our agents will contact you to get things started.
Apartment Stop Apartment Locating Team

Apartment Stop Apartment Locators


  • As licensed Realtors ® our team has access to apartment databases accessible only to real estate agents.
  • Our databases contain every apartment community in Houston and surrounding areas so we can conduct a thorough search.
  •  We will explain the process of dynamic pricing and price per square foot to make sure you get the best possible apartment within your budget.
  • Our team will call each property and obtain pricing, availability, and specials for the properties you select. We know the status of all of the apartments currently under construction and the lease up specials being offered.
  • Our service is paid for by the apartment owner so there is no cost to you to use our service.
  • The apartment owner will require you to list our company on all paperwork before they will pay for our service, and then we will pay our clients a 20% rent rebate.
  • Our agents have been providing the apartment locating service since 1998 and most were born and raised in Houston. All of our agents have expansive knowledge about apartment communities, and we tour new properties to obtain first hand knowledge.
  • Our team holds the following accreditations:
    • National Association of Apartment Locators
    • National Association of Realtors
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