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Apartment Stop was established in 1998 to help you find a rental property that not only fits your budget, location needs, but lifestyle as well. You have the experience of a professional apartment locator in Houston that has assisted over sixteen-thousand individuals with your rental and relocation needs in the Harris County, and surrounding areas. So whether you are a budget conscious college student, an oil and gas professional, or a working family Apartment Stop can help facilitate your current rental requirements, and needs.


It’s not enough today, to just say you are a real estate professional specializing in apartment homes. A working knowledge of all key properties is a must, and the only way to accomplish this for you as a client is for us to have toured over twelve-hundred apartment, high-rise, and loft rental locations personally. Knowing the value of the location, standard of living, and value of each community is imperative in getting the results that our clients are seeking.


There are not any cookie cutter solutions when it comes to finding an apartment home for you and your family, and that is why an exhaustive working knowledge of all leasing inventories in the Houston area is so important. Whether it is the drive time you will have from home to work, quality of schools in a particular area for your children, or if your pet(s) are welcome with open arms,  all of these variables are considered prior to starting your search for a leasing solution.


Instead of treating clients like a number, we approach each new relationship with education, and personal attention to detail in mind. Enlightening you as much as possible about your options and why the selections we offer will complement your lifestyle, budget, and safety.  There are intelligent trade-offs that can be made when formulating your ideal living arrangement. For example: a rental property that is brand new and small in square footage might be priced the same as a vintage selection that is much larger in size that may be more likely to  accommodate your daily needs.


If language is a barrier we can communicate not only in English, but in fluent Spanish, and functional French or Mandarin Chinese too.


Our service is free to you, and we offer a handsome reward for doing business with Apartment Stop to all of our clients. This will be in the form of a onetime payment (either $100.00 or up to twenty percent of one month’s rent). This is only available to you when the rental property pays Apartment Stop the commission.  This is just an added show of gratitude for remembering to put my company name on the rental application as a referral of record.


To sum everything up, an excellent Houston apartment locating service that is free to you the client, truly exceptional customer service, and excellent advice based on almost twenty years of helping rental clients. Plus, some cash back to boot.


Call us today at (281) 890-3888 and let us help you find your next apartment home in Houston, Texas.


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